Helpline 116111

When should you call 116111?

Using Internet

  • You sometimes receive unpleasant letters on the Internet
  • You have come across unpleasant materials online
  • You have noticed something suspicious online
  • You are concerned about your safety online
  • You feel, that you have internet addiction


You within your family

  • You sometimes think that your parents do not understand you and do not listen to you.
  • You are insulted, harassed or beaten in your family.
  • You feel unloved.
  • It is hard for you to get on well with your siblings.
  • You feel lonely in your family.
  • You are worried because your parents have decided to divorce.
  • Somebody in your family is ill or has died.

You at school

  • You do not get on well with your schoolmates.
  • You are beaten and insulted at school.
  • You do not want to attend school.
  • You believe that a particular teacher does not like you.
  • You do not like a particular schoolmate or teacher.
  • You feel lonely and misunderstood at school.


You yourself

  • You often think of what is happening to you.
  • You are overwhelmed with different feelings.
  • You sometimes have hard times, you feel unhappy or in pain.
  • You have questions about your body and its development.
  • You are concerned with issues in connection with a sexual relationship.
  • You do not like your appearance.
  • You are worried about your health.
  • You are worried about issues in connection with eating.
  • You concerned with your relationship with your boyfriend (girlfriend).
  • You are concerned with your safety on the road.
  • You are worried about your friend.
  • It is difficult for you to communicate with people outside your school or family.

Helpline 116111 is free of charge from both fixed lines and mobile phones!